It is a common misconception that social media is just for connecting with your friends and family.  Nearly 18 million South Africans are currently signed up or using a social media platforms in 2018 and the trend has been growing by almost 20% since January of 2017. The average daily time of these users range from 2 hours up to 8 hours spent on the internet.

We’ve now entered the digital space where communicating with our customers and potential consumers becomes as easy as tapping your mobile phone screen. This presents opportunities to create a loyalty to your business and just as easily become a familiar feature to include new products, announcements & awareness of your offers instantaneously!

It has never been easier to mix a homemade innovation to steer more feet in your store or what we like to call “Money in the Tills.” Without further ado, we’d like to present the ingredients we’ve found to be the best at making your brand’s social media ice-cream the signature scoop of the nation!


  • 4 Cups of  Weekly Content Calendar Strategy
  • 1 Mixing bowl of a Facebook Page
  • 2 large Dollops Digital Marketing Budget
  • 1/5 spoon of Analytics Tools
  • 2,5 hours of Customer Service

Prepare your ingredients well and you will be showcasing the Social Media Ice-Cream off to the world for your audience LOVE your brand over and over!


Add the 4 cups of your weekly content posts to the Facebook page. Try to keep them spread out so that you have posts for different days of the week. It’s not necessary to have one for each day, but you’re not restricted to letting your fans know what’s happening in your brand’s space at any given time. Great content revolves around engagement from your audience, keep them on their toes to find out what’s coming next! Separate your ideas between promotional, informative, interest & lifestyle, trends & world events so you always stay on top of the rest. Another great way to optomise your page’s performance is hosting competitions. Don’t be afraid to giveaway so that you can get back in popularity!

The next step is to pour the Digital Marketing Budget into the bowl. Facebook Ads provides incredibly powerful tools on getting your message out to the right people. Whether it be as little as R250.00 for each week, the traction produced out of this will keep your posts in the feed of your consumers and guarantee you viewership! You’re allowed to specify your objective, whether you’d like potential customers to check out your website, gain massive amounts of reach, frequently show your offers to interested buyers or purchase your product directly from the comfort of their own platform.

Stir the mixture with your time and effort, rely on the conversations happening all around your content and engage your audience on your brand, product or offers. They’ve already taken an interest, now its time to make the hard sell! Participate in the comments & grant your fans with a customer service journey that makes their experience with your brand all the more exciting!

And finally…

Review your analytical data. Find out who your fans are by checking your insights and gaining an understanding to who your audience is. Age groups, genders, interests & active times play an important role in optomising your Ad Campaigns for the best outcome in spending your digital marketing budget efficiently! This also helps you develop better content for your calendar weekly posts and get outstanding impressions on them.

Doesn’t that taste like an award winning strategy?

We know that operating your business can be stressful and that’s why we offer to make the ice cream for you so you can focus on what really matters in the end! Call us for a FREE quote to see how your online reputation can be improved with social media packages tailored to your particulars.

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And remember, Marketing is no longer about the things you make, it’s about the stories you tell! See you Next Week!


Written By: Mohammed Mamoojee

Bio: Momo (Mohammed) is a Social Media Executive at BPD Advertising and has been with the agency since 2014. His core hobbies are Video Gaming, Longboarding and finding what to wear that would be similar to his outfit over the past 3 days. He’s in love with visuals, design layouts and motion graphics used in advertising. Total Geek right? He owns his title and wears it proudly as his passion for entertainment drives him to present a change to the world, even in the smallest way, like getting love reactions on a Facebook post or make someones day with a cheesy pun, his contributions are appreciated by many of our clients!

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