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Bonnie Cooper knows what it takes to lead and achieve results, as the current Chief Executive Officer of BPD Advertising, & former CEO & CMO of Roman’s Pizza, Bonnie Cooper was able to juggle three positions, while achieving excellence on all fronts, proving that life can be filled with challenges, but it’s the attitude you apply that makes it work. Bonnie maintains that high levels of enthusiasm and drive are critical factors when success is contemplated, and at BPD Advertising success is the most likely outcome.


About Us:

Gumption. One word, packed with punch, overflowing with ambition and born to deliver. Gumption is our swear word and we swear by it. We believe in being BRAVE, working with BRAVE clients and creating BRAVE work.

BPD Advertising is a boutique agency, which makes us both flexible and agile! We are built on our dynamic CEO – Bonnie Cooper’s leadership, experience and positive attitude that creates an energetic environment and inspirational atmosphere. We’ve successfully been doing business with multiple brands across multiple industries across the Southern Africa region since 2008.

We are a Through-The-Line Advertising Agency – That means whatever you can put a logo on, from as small as a business card to a big billboard, and everything in between, we can do it!

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Doing the right job is our mandate and successfully building your brand is our priority. We strive for excellence and when people love what they do, they do it well! When you work with us, you become one of us.

We only succeed when you do.

No contracts, no tie-in’s – Just results!

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