Gone are the days of the clunky content and bulky equipment. In this century, content can be created on the move, saving time and space. The adage of quality over quantity rings true when it comes to sharing content on social media. Search engines take social signals into account when determining page rankings making content the critical piece in the social media puzzle and if executed well, success is imminent.

Content created now has the opportunity of going viral and having a global impact. Social media has enabled anyone with a smart device to be a publisher. This has affected and rocked the boats of business.

Using social media to share content enables businesses to grow brand awareness, build trust, create credibility, lead to sales, crowdsource and produce a tribe of brand advocates. Creating content is never a promise of success but with open minds and breaking old traditions and creating disruption will give create an impact which will lead to loyal advocates who do business with our brand if you are persistent.

Quality trumps quantity and creates a more personable brand in the long run. Create with transparency and authenticity to have conversations with your consumers. Don’t be the loud annoying voice with cluttering content just for the sake of sharing content but instead strive for a loud voice of content creators who consumers crave to engage with.

The average consumer may see as many as 5000 ads daily but only note 153 and engage with only 12 who created quality content. It is important to focus less on quantity and more on engagement and quality. Quality consistency is king over randomized quantity.


Content creating takes time and should be well strategized to optimise sharing. When creating content the 3 C’s should always be considered.

  • Creating: original content is time-consuming and requires inspiration and skill which can be done in-house, sourced or collaborated.
  • Curation: Content curated well is powerful. Curating content can be done by collecting existing content to innovate. Immitation is okay as long as it is paired with innovation as Picasso once said ‘Good artists copy, Great artists steal.’ Content then needs to lead to shares and go viral creating some kind of reaction.
  • Crowdsource: People who will share your content and advocate your brand. Micro-influencers can be beneficial if you’re within a tight budget. Large Social media influencers can help spread the word about your brand and the experience other consumers will have.


Map out your strategy and communicate it across all your digital channels. Demographic no longer play the main form in target customer marketing research. Look at their social personas to ensure that the message you are sharing resonates with them.

A 12-month content marketing plan needs to be mapped out to create and plan quality content over quantity. This will demand, planning of monthly, quarterly or yearly campaigns and content schedule calendars. When creating content you need to consider all possible ways content can be shared like, posts. Tweets, stories, social tv, entertain via fun videos and inspire by making a difference in your consumers’ lives and for them to take action.  A great example of inspiring and creating action and movement is through what Global Citizen did for the Mandela 100 Music festival. They encouraged people to take actions to alleviate poverty, fight women inequality and other social ills by sharing posts, tweets emails all in hope to achieve their goal by set years like 2020. They used celebrities and the average social personas to promote the concert all in hope to win tickets to see the world’s biggest stars. 5.5 million actions were taken. 100 million was raised through 57 commitments. This just proved that social media used well is beneficial.

Content is useless unless it leads to conversions. Paid media cannot turn lousy creative into good content so it is imperative to invest in good organic content. Paid content disappears after you’ve stopped paying for it but organic content lasts for months or even years to come. Create visual content using video and other multimedia content which will grab the consumers attention as they swipe through their news feeds.


Likes and followers mean nothing if the people who follow and like your content don’t engage with your brand. Create content with the streamlined user experience. Survey your consumers on your brand content to ensure that the message you send out makes a difference.

Concentrate less on the competition content and more on your consumers and the conversation you’re having. Your social media is as good as your content.

Written By: Ayanda Khumalo

Bio: Jack of all trades and a Master of some. If you throw me to the wolves they’ll come out perfect hunters. A beauty therapist who worked in the mining industry is now trying to leave her mark in the marketing industry.


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