Web Design & Development

Digital is happening!

Since the commercialisation of the web, website design & development is a growing trend. The growth of this industry is being pushed particularly by businesses wishing to sell products and services to online customers. Digital marks the era of direct to consumer marketing and has a huge positive impact on your return on investment. It is a relatively new medium, but has strength in numbers – numbers not only being referred to as sales, but as views and shares,

Design & Development

BPD Advertising has a flair for website design in the same way as Einstein had a knack for science. Our passions are the catalysts for amazing business websites; created through imagination, perseverance and loads of expert experience. Our websites are custom-tailored to withstand the fluctuations of both the internet and the business world so professionals can expect long term boosts in revenue, recognition and exposure. IT’S AS SIMPLE AS CODING…1..2..3!

Maintenance & Content Management

Maintaining a website is a very time consuming process. After the development of your site, we offer a variety of maintenance packages to cater for your specific needs and to ensure that your business trends organically as well as through paid searches.

Social Media

Follow me, I’ll follow you…

We have altered the way we interact in the digital world! We now create, share and exchange information and ideas in communities and on virtual platforms. It is essential for all businesses to gain the right traction online through a website, facebook page and twitter handle. However, most importantly, is your content and the integration and engagement thereof.

This differs from traditional media in many ways including frequency, usability and immediacy. We offer to manage your social media accounts, interact with your communities and monitor your company’s reputation.

Our Offer:

  • Social Media Page Setup
  • Advertising
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Management and Monitoring on your behalf
  • Content Creation & Scheduling

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Facebook, Facebook, Facebook!

The strength of Social Media lies in Facebook, proven statistically, globally!

20 Million South Africans have access to Smartphones.

12 Million South Africans use Facebook as a “connection” platform..

With Facebook featuring as the number one Social Media platform world wide, why not leverage on the chance of reaching millions of potential customers?

With various packages to choose from, Facebook as an advertising platform has a solution to every budget! With sponsored and boosted ads you are guarranteed a large amount of impressions and views which will ultimately drive sales.


Bulk SMS’s & Emailers

With aggressive competition in the global marketplace, brands are compelled to get more proactive with their marketing initiatives without overshooting budgets.

Bulk SMS’s are a low cost for high return on investment ensuring that you are able to communicate your message to your target market.

Email marketing has consistently been one of the most important tools for online marketing and the effectiveness thereof continues to grow.

Google Adwords

Ensuring your website ranks higher in Google searches through a bidding system on carefully selected keywords relevant to your industry that directs the right traffic to your site and in turn increases organic search results. The more you spend, the higher you rank.

We highly recommend that Google AdWords be utilized to ensure that your brand remains top of mind. Request a quote today!

Audio & Visual Presentations

When creating professional audio-visual executions, our team of experts often combine a variety of sound and visual components – many of our executions include slide shows, television commercials, film and animation.

The secret to our success is that we are able to incorporate state-of-the-art tech to ensure our delivery is a winner and that what you put forward to showcase your new products are unforgettable.

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