Now that JANU-WORRY is mostly over and the REAL 2019 begins, let’s deal with an issue most businesses face in the modern era. The idea that having just a logo to do the promoting for you, versus representation of your advertising as a brand through a visual corporate identity is where we will tackle the trade habits & business traits that need to remain in the stone age.


If you’ve been exposed to too much Marketing, you may have a severe case of the know-it-all syndrome.  Generally, this isn’t a bad thing. As many developments take place daily in the world of technology, people tend to become more self conscious about the decisions they make. Whether it be picking an expensive pair of running sneakers over one that costs a fraction of the amount or supporting a retail supermarket as opposed to the local grocer down the road.

The sentiment portrayed to society is what matters more than what your personal capacity can achieve on its own. In 2017, many online influencers have come to the realization that celebrity stardom can easily be attained by imprinting your image on the world wide web in the form of their status and personality through a series of videos and content driven by marketing.

Today we still have thousands, if not millions of businesses that do not participate in the marketing race. Some of them believe that just having a name or logo pulled off the internet to help them attract potential customers is enough. Others do not have the funds to produce an extravagant marketing strategy to boost their monthly sales. We’re here to tell you that with so many options to connect with your customers available at your pocket range, there’s no way of missing out on opportunities to grow your brand!


Building a brand is as simple as relating your business’ experiences and vision to your consumer so that they have something to believe in. Relating your business personalization through attractive visuals, appealing colours, enticing advertisements and unique service personalities will demonstrate its purpose and objectives.

A great way to begin the journey of brand building is to follow the process of creating an impression:

  • Create the conversation between your business and your consumer through a story narrative. Try to fashion an uplifting tale to build a trust in your products or services.
  • Value is a big decision in a customers commitment purchase. That’s why reassuring propositions play a vital role in retaining that choice to your offer.
  • Consider effective visuals as certain colours portrayed will have different effects to a person’s mood toward the brand. The logo does not need to contain the entire rainbow, but must be a consistent creative representation so that the idea can be recognized in the most common yet unfamiliar places in advertising.

This foundation of the brand needs to be strong in order to support the business. The claims made through value propositions must hold firmly to the overall exposure of the brand because the perception of the public is used to build a trust with your brand, not individuals.


Many of you are asking “I’ve got my brand, now what?”. Now is the most crucial part of the brand’s reputation, ESTABLISHMENT. Present your brand to your target audience through online sources like social platforms and Influential mediums. The way that word of mouth works today is through positive reviews and recommendations for anyone to access. Promote your offerings while not only preserving your brand guidelines but making an effort to grab the attention of organizations worth collaborating with to widen your core audience.

The time and energy taken while building your brand is an investment worth making. Success of your brand’s achievements will begin to show at later stages through loyalty and engagement from your customers and begin to create a culture among us. All it takes is to turn up the effort in making your logo into a brand!

BPD Advertising has a range of marketing solutions to offer. From a logo refresh to represent your business’ value propositions to topline strategies on getting you noticed! We offer a variety of digital, design and web packages tailored to suit your budget. Let us find the best way to communicate your brand through social media with content creation & management by promoting your business through the online resources we trust to bring worthy returns on your marketing investments. Contact us and we’ll set up a meeting to get your business up to industry leading standard!

Momo holds up his Social Media Strategist & Content Creator title at BPD Advertising with confidence. Apart from wishing his dormant Superhero powers would reveal itself, he engages in way too much comic fan fiction and video gaming in his spare time. Hoping to become a master in Art Direction, Content Creation & other interactive design fields, Momo’s goal is to one day provide a digital service to the world that would be remembered for years to come. Well, that and to win a Loerie Award. Praise isn’t enough, its motivation and reassurance of his abilities that pushes him into acquiring total dominance of his tasks.

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