“What do you mean?” I hear you say.

“I know all about advertising!” you say. “I have a logo and a sign and stuff!”

Glad you feel that way, a lot of people don’t give a hoot about advertising and marketing and think “If I build it, they will come” (that only works for Kevin Costner).

If you have taken the giant step of starting a business, you owe it to yourself to market it, otherwise, and listen carefully now, your potential customers will not know your business exists.

A sign on a shopfront is not enough to draw customers in, you cannot rely on a random person’s curiosity to create all the success you deserve.

So, do a bit of advertising. Maybe business cards are not a priority now, and spending R100 000 on radio advertising is a bit much a bit soon, so start small and flippin’ easy!

(Big revelation to follow) Social media advertising is rather cheap and very effective, start with that. The hardest part of a journey is the first step, the first step may be scary, but it is only one of many, and practise makes perfect. So, if there is one thing you are going to take a chance on, let it be social media.

How to get started:

  • First, start a Facebook Page.
  • Second, make sure you have content for your Facebook page.
  • Third, ask us to help with targeted Facebook ads. We won’t bankrupt you, we promise, just R250 a week is enough to start advertising on Facebook.
  • When you get a bit more confident, we can expand into Instagram and perhaps Twitter.

And just remember, sticking a photo of your product on your Facebook page is not going to generate sales, you need to tell a story and set up a lifestyle around your product so your potential customer can imagine how great their life will be with your product or service in it and they’ll wonder how they ever survived without it.

And put yourself in your client’s shoes, if YOU wanted your product XYZ, how would you go about finding it? Most people, these days, are not going to trawl shopping malls looking for that product, they will search Google first. So, make sure, whether you have your own website or rely on a third party listing your product, that it is searchable on Google.

(BPD punt to follow) We can help with that as well, we have super nerds who work with us that can help make sure your business or product is listed on the right websites and shows up on Google. You know when you search on google and the first 3 results are ads, that’s what we can do for you. We can also advise you on the right keywords to use when naming your product or service and how to ensure your website has words which people search for.

Once you’re out there and feeling a bit risqué, then we can look at what else we can do for you. There are thousands of avenues for advertising and in essence, none of them will really matter at all if you and your employees are not giving great service and quality product.

We can do all sorts of weird and wonderful things to get people connecting with you, but only you, on the front line, can keep people coming back. Word of Mouth (WOM) is arguably the most important form of advertising, so do all the special, personal, little things that will make people tell their friends about you.

To recap, social media, great service and quality product, word of mouth.

Off you go, go be your awesome self!


Written By: Danielle Hattingh

Bio: Danielle has been at BPD for 8 years as a Marketing Assistant, handling many clients besides her main client, Roman’s Pizza. Danielle has experience in everything from business cards, to out-of-home advertising, all the way up to TV and radio ads. She is mom to 2 kids, 2 dogs and a husband and comes to work to escape from them (LOL).

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