FACT: It is not easy for everyone to adapt to change, but the world is changing daily.  Better we change with it than to stay behind.

YES!!!……the thought of staying ahead with daily trends may sometimes create a feeling of frustration but let us convert that into a feeling of ebullience.

So, today is a new day with new beginnings & new ideas.  You have this brilliant plan in your head but don’t know where to start.  You then think of all the old ways of marketing & neglect all the new ways and possibilities you didn’t even know existed.

It is important to not look like a “fly by night”, and yes, you want to make use of the best agencies to make your brand popular as fast as possible and with a minimum spend, but how?

Here are a few pointers:



Don’t sit and wait for someone to phone you. This wastes your time, your money and you have got nothing to show for it.


Rather spend a little bit of money & time on GDN campaigns and keywords on google. This will ensure that you get noticed and pretty quickly!



Forget about unwanted phone calls to gain potential customers.


Reach thousands of customers within a specific km radius from your business and specifically those who would be interested in your product.

A targeted audience is key to success!


This might seem like a silly idea that will upset the potential customer as it might bombard them with messages they did not want – but this will only be one in every thousand, two thousand or even five thousand customers who forgot that they opted in on any marketing related advertising.  Many potential customers will take a flyer, forget why they took it and the flyer ends up in the dustbin.  Whereas, a sms with what we call a “CALL TO ACTION” will grab the customer’s attention immediately. They might forget about it – but can always refer back to the sms to see what the promotion was all about. The occasion will arise and so will the need for your product or service!

Why try these new methods?

  • From finding customers you will go to “BEING FOUND”.
  • From Cold Calling and little information, you will go to Sales leads and potentially close the deal.
  • From demographics you will go to behavioural segmentation. (By saying this, your ad will reach the potential customer who would be interested specifically in your product.) NO WASTE!
  • From only engaging on the first meeting, you would have already built trust in your potential customer.
  • From a high spend you will go to a cost-effective campaign which will ensure return on investment – Money in your bank!!! At the end of the day, this is all that matters. Spend your money wisely!

But on that note – even though the world is changing to Digital & Social Media, some old school elements are a must to stay!

  • Business cards
  • Corporate Identity
  • Very Important – Excellent Customer Service! Campaigns can be built, digitally when the whole world can see what you have to offer, but engagement with your customer is of utmost importance.  This will drive the customer to come to repeat visits, provided you ensure A GOOD experience from start.  And the best of all – this costs you absolutely nothing.

With these pointers we have only touched the surface. There are endless possibilities today with new ways of marketing that will ensure the success of your business – you only need to be open to the CHANGE!

Embrace it, bring it, hold it and be that CHANGE!

Written By: Carla du Preez

Bio: Account Executive at BPD Advertising since 2017. You are what you believe yourself to be!  Never fear change, never give up on a new challenge, embrace it and you will conquer the world!

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