Terms & Conditions


  1. As a Google Partner, BPD Advertising has the opportunity to offer our clients special offers as provided directly from Google.
  2. The Ad Match campaign is only valid for new clients and new Google AdWords accounts.
  3. This offer is valid and reserved solely for Google Partners.
  4. New client accounts will have 60 days to spend $500 (R7 700 at time of exchange rate) to qualify for $500 credit from Google.
  5. To earn the credit: After the promotional code is applied to your Google Ads account, your advertising campaigns must accrue costs of at least $500 (R7 700), (excluding any taxes or applicable fees), within 60 days. Making a payment of $500 (R7 700) is not sufficient. The tracking of advertising costs towards $500 (R7 700) begins after the promotional code is applied.
    • i.e., a client therefore must spend a minimum of R3 850 ex Vat on their AdWords Campaign per month for a minimum of two months in order to qualify. Alternatively, a client must spend the R7 700 Ad Spend in one month.
  6. The above Ad Spend fee excludes any required setup costs for the campaign to function successfully, as well as any monthly management fees.
  7. All costs and fees mentioned are excluding VAT.
  8. Should a client meet the minimum Ad Spend, Google will pass a credit of the same value which is valid for a period of 60 days from the date of meeting the spend requirements.
  9. This credit provided can then be used by the client for free Ad Spend in their following month of the Google AdWords campaign.
  10. Monthly management fees will however still apply.
  11. This offer is valid over the Google Network of Advertising Products – Google AdWords, GDN, YouTube, Remarketing, etc.
  12. For eligible new accounts, a $500 promotional credit will be issued to the account upon reaching the required spend value of $500.
  13. New clients will have 60 days to spend the required amount of $500 in order to qualify.
  14. Google will not apply promotional offers immediately and are dependent on Google review and are to the discretion of Google.
  15. This offer will give new clients to opportunity to run Google Advertising campaigns and to see the benefits and reach various objectives, which will be discussed with the clients on an ad hoc basis.
  16. To qualify, a client must complete a form which will be provided by BPD Advertising in order to create a proposal accordingly.
  17. Upon acceptance of proposal, a quote will be issued on which 50% deposit will be required by the client, as well as signature of acceptance of quote and proposal.
  18. Once approved and accepted, BPD Advertising will action the necessary steps to make the campaigns active.
  19. At the end of the month, BPD Advertising will provide the client with a free report and feedback on the performance of the campaigns.
  20. Once the minimum target of Ad Spend for the offer has been reached and Google reviews the account, we will inform the client of the Ad Spend Match value provided by Google and discuss the implementation of the credit.
  21. This credit cannot be transferred to any other advertising or marketing mediums and platform and is not transferable for cash.
  22. This is a limited time offer by Google. Google and BPD Advertising reserves the right to end the campaign at any given time without any prior notice.
  23. Offer may be revoked at any time for any reason by Google Ireland Limited.

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